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American Healthcare Outsourcing Alternatives LLC (AHOA)

American Healthcare Outsourcing Alternatives LLC (AHOA) is a specialized provider of call center services and back office support services. Our partner in this venture is BESLER Consulting, a highly respected healthcare consulting organization that has been servicing the revenue cycle needs of healthcare providers for over 23 years. This affiliation allows us to deliver a broader range of services consistent with our goal of earning clients by delivering revenue enhancements; achieving operational efficiencies and assisting providers in maintaining their compliance goals. We believe in developing value based relationships offering a comprehensive range of receivables management solutions to assist providers manage their revenue cycle needs. Some of these services are:

Our Self Pay Customer Service program is geared towards successfully managing this challenging receivables class. By utilizing our technology and skilled personnel, your facility can maximize reimbursement from this portfolio segment. Our high level of expertise and technological sophistication allows us to capture more payments, ensure compliance and protect your interests. For example, all patient calls are recorded giving you a permanent record of each conversation. We also support our clients by providing live associate monitoring. For your convenience, we can perform our services in your name or ours. Call us for more information on how you can combat the growing impact of self-pay delinquencies and at the same time free your staff to focus on other key functions.

Insurance Follow-Up- In today’s healthcare environment provider organizations often have to deal with fluctuations in the volume of records pending payment at third party payers. AHOA offers an extended business office model utilizing innovative protocols, advanced technology, sophisticated reporting, and highly trained professionals to attack these insurance files and provide close follow-up ensuring timely payment. AHOA’s Insurance Follow-Up solutions are designed to increase cash and reduce days in accounts receivable. We provide a variety of options that include insurance follow-up on accounts at any age, for one or more financial classes, or any combination of accounts based on an individual healthcare organizations needs. Our highly trained patient account representatives’ follow-up claims as quickly and accurately. All results are documented on your system and all calls are recorded. We offer clients access to a sophisticated reporting capability that provides the comprehensive data needed to manage the revenue cycle. Our goal is accelerating cash, reducing days outstanding and a healthier accounts receivable aging.

Our Bad Debt Collection service is designed to assist providers in dealing with rapidly growing bad debt account portfolios. In part, this is due to the current state of the economy, but it also reflects the fact that deductibles patients are responsible for have grown exponentially and that employers continue to shift more of the burden of healthcare costs onto their employees, your patients. In the past, patients would make a minimum co-payment and insurance would cover the rest of the cost of the service. Now even insured patients can find themselves responsible as much as $5,000 of the balance before any insurance reimbursement begins. It is clear that this trend will continue grow and that providers will need to focus on this problem area to maintain overall fiscal health. AHOA has the resources to contact your patient/guarantor day or evening. We employ sophisticated locate databases to make sure your patient is contacted and your bill is paid.

Our unique A.C.A patient identification education and assistance program this program addresses a glaring weakness in the "Obama Care" program.  While the goal of providing affordable universal healthcare is laudable, but from the providers point of view it's far more important to move charity care patients into insured status! Our approach is to work with providers to assist them identify, contact and educate these patients with the ultimate goal of transitioning patients from uncompensated care to insured paying customers. Call us for more details.